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Excellent price on an iBook LCD on eBay...

Check it out here.

I don't know if the cables can be found any longer. There aren't any Apple Certified Resellers where I live now, and I haven't called the place I went to before to find out if they can still order them. Anyone confirm that they're definitely still available?

Alternatives to Original Apple Airport Card

Alternatives to  Original Apple Airport Card 802.11b are very few. The only direct replacement is even harder to find then the apple card. Sony made the Original Apple Airport Card for Apple, the Sony Part number is PCWA-C150S or ERA-201D1, same card except it has an antenna on the top of it that once unpluged yields an Original Apple Airport Card with Sony labeling.
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Mod post!

It's been awhile since I left MacNN, and I think that the people who were harrassing me there are gone for good. Therefore, membership is now unmoderated.

Key swap project.

I've yet to acquire an aluminum powerbook keyboard. However, at least some of the keys appear to be swappable.

-Key differences noted in red.
-Ignore the clamshell key. Its erroneous.
-The g3 key appears to be stretched in the image only.

If we look at the differences in the two keyboards, the first thing we notice is the addition of an eject key to the aluminum keyboard. While this was initially discouraging, keep in mind that the aluminum powerbook keyboard does not have the keyboard removal tabs found present in the clamshell. The key clips on the reverse side appear to be a standard design, common between the keys.

I'll be keeping my eyes out for a cheap aluminum keyboard in the near future as this looks at least somewhat promising.

Internal Bluetooth on the Clamshell

I’ve had a long-held desire to further pimp my Clamshell by adding internal Bluetooth to it. As it stands, I’ve made little progress; I started out by posting a thread on MacNN about it, but it didn’t mirror the success of Shifuimam’s thread about the XGA mod (no-one replied). Since then, it’s somewhat been on the back-burner.

Details of how I planned to carry out the mod can be seen at the above thread. Any input you can offer would be much appreciated. Whilst I think I have a theoretical basis for how to carry it out, I’m still sketchy on some of the details—specifically where to draw power from without killing the USB port. Shifuimam suggested the removing the modem, housing the USB dongle there and drawing power from there, but I’m not sure the wattage would meet USB spec; I’d also like to keep the modem if at all possible…

In the meantime, however, I’ve found a solution to the problem that (almost) fills my exacting requirements: the Interlink Nano USB dongle. It has the benefit of being stupidly small, and also—if I ever take up my internal USB fever again—it will give me a dongle from which to salvage.

Dead Graphite :(

Well, this being my first post, I should say hello to everyone...

I found a graphite 466 on craigslist(in another state, through google), and snached it for only $100 with shipping...
Worked perfect for the first 2 days, upgraded it to os X 10.2

then I did a stupid thing, I went to install an airport card(an airport extreme actually, only after did I find out it wasnt even compatable) and the only thing I can think of is I forgot to unplug it first.

now its almost like it isnt even plugged in, the green/orange light on the a/c still comes on, but when i press the power button I dont even get the chime, the only thing that happens is the speaker makes a lil(barely audable) pop sound.

I opened it up, cant see any char marks anywhere on the board, the only thing I noticed is some of the pins on the airport slot were bent and touching eachother... (now already fixed, still nothing)

is there anything I can do to save this board?
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Sad wifi card news

Spent a bit of time talking on AIM to someone who found this community via Google.

It sounds very likely that the cards that I have are not WaveLan Silver cards, but rather are relabeled Lucent WaveLan Bronze cards.

This was one of the first IEEE 802.11-compliant wireless cards that Lucent produced (they originally actually had some cards that worked on a 900MHz band, before the 802.11 standard was ratified). Unfortunately, they are severely limited - they have a bandwidth cap of only 2Mbps, and support no encrpytion at all (although I saw something in a newsgroup archive indicating that it may be possible to get these to work with 40-bit WEP).

If such is the case, then it may not be worth my time to try and do anything more with these, and I'm probably just going to sell them off. I'm going to try this IOexperts driver as a last resort, and then I suppose I'm just going to try to offload these on eBay. I don't know that I can get much detail on the specs in Windows, in order to confirm whether or not they do only work at 2mbps. I'll see if I can find some other details in the FCC papers on the hardware.

What is everyone else doing with their iBooks? Any other mod projects in the works?

ibech, if you do try to add FireWire to a 300MHz board, definitely post about your experiences!

After some careful perusal of the FCC documentation for this card, it's definitely a WaveLAN Bronze. Which means no WEP and really shitty performance (2Mbps? That's slower than USB 1.1!). From the looks of it, the speed is a hardware limitation. Psion Teklogix revised this card twice, and from a look at the last revision (in 2002 - this card is from 1999, btw), those are indeed 802.11b 11Mbps cards, which would probably identify to an iBook as Airport cards. However, I haven't seen any of those for sale on eBay.

I'm just hoping I can get my $55 back that I spent on these. :(

Ah, well. You never know until you try!
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Time for an update!

Our little community has been dead as of late, so here are some updates for you to ponder.

The wireless card project

I have since been able to get one of these cards onto a completely open access point, but they still will not work with my real wireless network (no SSID broadcast, 128-bit WEP). I've got another laptop that I'm going to try them on (I think the default image on my work laptop might be causing problems or a hardware conflict somewhere). This is all in Windows XP.

After buying a lot of iBook parts from acorder on MacNN, I've assembled a 500MHz 12" iBook G3, and popped one of these cards in there. I did incremental OS updates, since the stuff he sent came with 10.0 and 10.1 discs, and I already had 10.2 and 10.3 discs, plus a 10.4 DVD I used with a FireWire enclosure.

10.0 has no Airport support, so I updated to 10.1. That saw the Airport card relatively quickly (it sometimes takes a minute for OS X to realize there's a card installed, unlike with a real Airport card where it's immediate), but I couldn't connect to anything. Updating to 10.3 (I got annoyed and skipped the 10.2 upgrade) hasn't seemed to change anything. However...doing a clean install of 10.4 kills the card entirely. It's not recognized at all. Now, I'm going to assume that Tiger still has support for original Airport cards, since it does indeed work on G3 hardware, which all used original Airport cards. At any rate, that's as far as I've gotten since my last post. My offer still stands to send one of these out to anyone who will give me $11 for one!

FireWire on a 300MHz board

koralatov tipped me off to an interesting website on fixing a busted USB port in a 300MHz iBook. It's in French, but you can get the gist of it from the images... check out the site here.

The picture we're really interested in in this one:

The white arrow is pointing to a set of six dots on the motherboard that could lead one to think they may be related to FireWire. USB uses four connections - two for data (in and out), and two for power (positive and negative). FireWire, on the other hand, uses six (and this is why you can't easily convert between USB and FW, btw) - four for data (twisted pairs for in and out), and two for power (positive and negative).

I haven't cracked open my own 466MHz tangerine to take a look at this and see if my board has similar connections for the FW port, but it might be worth investigating the possibility of adding FireWire to a 300MHz iBook. This would significantly increase the usability of those models, since it enables things like target disk mode, booting off external enclosures, and enabling high-speed data transfer from enclosures and older iPods. If we can use NVRAM to trick the iBook into displaying XGA, I would imagine it might be possible to do something similar to make it see a FireWire port...

In the meantime, I'm also going to have a few laptops up for sale. Head over to this entry on my personal journal if you're interested in a 300MHz clamshell or a 12" white G3 model.

What are all of you doing with your iBooks? Any mod projects come to mind? Any ideas we haven't explored yet?

OF dead

Hello to everybody!
This is a really sad evening with sad news. But I think its important for all you modders to know.
When I came home I was curios to check out the ibook av cable I got today. (I also did this terrific lcd modding to my 466 graphite clamshell some weeks ago.)
What I did not try until tonight was setting display-family to 2 to use the apple dvd-player.
Well, tonight I did.
And this wasnt good at all. When I typed "reset-all" at last the screen stayed black. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. I switched off the computer then and until now I am not able to boot whether into OF, reset PRAM or NVRAM. I pressed the keys for ages. The ibook doesn`t boot at all, just the chime comes. There is no CD-Boot anymore, no firewire target connection and I am afraid not even a connection to the keyboard. Something must have been crashing the OF:-((((((

I took out the battery now and will leave the computer completely without power for some days. Maybe this helps to clear the nvram.
Somebody knows another trick?

PLEAAAASE, be careful with the settings in the OF! Everything you do here is written into the BootRom of the computer and once its too messed up to find its way........

2 days later: Still sad:-(

Tried to boot up the poor book. Nothing happens. I wish I had cleared the nvram before switching it to display family 2.
I will always reset the pram now before I switch to any display-families. Yes yes yes.

BTW I am going to take apart the poor thing soon and accurately compare the board to a 366mhz 8vram board to find the differences. It has the same processor -but probably some different resistors??
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A Fix for Brightness Issues

The suggested method for applying the XGA firmware hack seems to leave brightness control intact. However, on some occasions (for reasons as yet unknown), applying the OF edit seems to remove the ability to change the brightness using the F1 and F2 keys. In this instance, it's possible to solve the issue with one of two methods:
  1. Reset the firmware to its default condition, and then reapply it. It's not entirely clear why this works, but it seems to solve the problem;
  2. If the above fails to work, you could try the brightness fix suggested by Baxter Brittle in his Hi-Def PowerBook mod. Whilst it's not directly applicable (you will have to substitute your display's model number for the one he uses in the example), it should work.

For convenience's sake, and just in case the page is removed/goes down, the pertinent information is below:
  1. Open display prefs
  2. Click on "Color" tab
  3. Click "Open Profile"
  4. Scroll right down to the very bottom and find "Apple display make and model information"
  5. Note down Manufacturer and Model ID's
  6. Then go to System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-610
  7. Find file DisplayProductID-9c20 - this is the file for the standard display
  8. Copy file to desktop
  9. Rename file based on figures given from you're open color pro file in my case 139f so the new file should be called DisplayProductID-139f
  10. Go back to System/Library/Displays/Overrides/ and see if there is a folder called DisplayVendorID-xxx (In my case 4d10). If there is not create one on the desktop
  11. Then copy your new file into your new folder and copy the folder into System/Library/Displays/Overrides/
  12. Reboot and you should have brightness control. You will lose some of you intermediate resolutions but you'll still have 1920 x 1200!