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tonypaton in ibookmod

Clamshell iBook still going strong(ish)

Hello all and Shifuimam in particular,
Just to say that the modded clamshell is doing okay. The playback of DVDs is no longer an issue thanks to those wonderful folks at VLC, whose older generation player plays DVDs just fine. I've also discovered how to fool those naughty people at Adobe into thinking that I have flashplayer 10.2 installed, which as a PPC maccer of course I can't. My only defeat, is at the hands of those impish Swedes at Spotify, who keep shifting the goalposts as soon as any kind person works out a hack to keep PPCers at the party. Hah! Well done guys, you just lost yourself some Kroner, or whatever currency Swedes use nowadays. One thing that does however concern me is that every so often my screen flickers freakily in a psychedelic way without any chemical stimulation on my part. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the mod? Is the problem with the LCD or the cable or anything else? Any pertinent answers welcome...
The clamshell project cost me a lot more than I'd bargained for but both my children and myself have the use of a working laptop, which is a legacy of Apple's good old days before iPhones and iPads got updated every six months and when Apple was about "thinking different" not taking over the world.


Hey! Thanks for posting! :)

What version of VLC are you using? I found VLC and other third-party DVD player applications to be unusable because of frame dropping and the like. Do you get smooth DVD playback, e.g. 30fps?

As far as the display flickering goes - doubt it's the OF part of the mod, since that just changes how the OS sees the LCD's native resolution. It's possible either your cable or your display is crapping out. The cable is going to be a hell of a lot harder to come by today, compared to when the project started and you could still order the replacement part from third party Apple repair outfits. You might try eBay, though.

It's also *possible* the GPU is failing, although I think that's unlikely. If your video card were actually on its way to a premature death, you'd go from having video to more or less having a nonfunctioning machine right away (at least in my experience with GPU failures on both laptops and desktops).

Glad to hear you are still using your clamshell - I don't use mine as much as I used to, mostly because I have acquired many more computers since then and tend to get frustrated at how SLOW it is when browsing the web. That said, I definitely will never part with it. :D
glad 2 c the clamshell still lives...i'm testing ten4fox 19beta on it now...

flickering screen is most probably a failing cable, as it's flexed everytime the 'shell's opened...good luck finding a new 1:-\
re: ten4ffx19beta...it doesn't load these comments:-\

btw, i'm having problems w/wifi: i have a simultaneous dualband linksys, and even tho the noremal 2.4/bgn side is set up exactly the same as the guest a.p., my clamshell will only connect on the guest...wtf?!?!?!?
I can't figure out how to use this site. Thought I was leaving a post to this thread and it went to something called "My Journal" ??? Got sent an email with information on my computer, IP address, etc. which was creepy.

Been looking at the info on this mod project since the 2006 start and can't figure out if there is now a simple way to install a screen from an old dual iBook 900 I have into my Graphite SE clam??? I saw the old page on the four things needed and wonder if there is an up date? I found some cable info on line but don't know if it is the right one.

Thanks for any help. Sorry this is going to your post but like I said, I can't figure out this site?

Hey - sorry I missed this. I've actually started a whole vintage Mac site, so please head on over there to post and ask questions.

Forum thread is: http://maclassic.com/discuss/discussion/3/clamshell-ibook-lcd-upgrade

You can sign in with Facebook or Google or OpenID on the site.

Your new website on screen change

Since I don't do facebook or google anything and I don't know what open ID is, am I out of luck on getting to your information?


You can use a lot of different accounts with OpenID - LiveJournal, AOL, and Yahoo all support it.

Livejournal instructions:


just tried 2 post but it got marked as spam...wtf??
5th: glad 2 c u the thread is still alive...i'm looking into an ide ssd 4 my clamshell...but i'm having trouble logging into maclassic via livejournal
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