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Chaz Thatsmymiddlename Trainor in ibookmod

new to community.... looking for black or white ibook or powerbook keyboard to mod 07 mbp with keys

hello all. I am new to this sight, and own no ibooks, though i have a gang of various g3 iMacs. I have a question for yall with lots parts. I am looking for a black ibook/powerbook keyboard, so i can swap the keys from it to my 2007 macbook pro (ive already added a multitouch trackpad, so id like to do something for the keyboard. the silver is so boring! i want it to kinda resemble a newer macbook pro). By the looks of it, ibooks and power books are the only viable option do to the type of scissor hinge used on the keys. I think the keyboard I would need is from a wall street powerbook, though the clearish/whiteish keys from the ibook would look just as cool. if any one has an extra keyboard or 2 they are willing to sell, either black, that clearish black, or the clearish whit would be fine. or if nobody has one, where i could find one or 2. I would pay of course. my email is ctrainorwkf@gmail.com. any information or help with parts i would be beyond thankful for! thanks in advanced y'all. chaz


I'd check eBay first. You can usually find used G3 *book parts pretty cheap - a keyboard should run you around $20, maybe less if you can find one that's busted but has usable keys.
I already did the swap. got a g3 ibook keyboard and an extra f12 key, and it actually looks pretty cool. im still looking for the black one though....
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