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tonypaton in ibookmod

Latest on upgrading clamshell LCD to XGA

Hello all,
Maybe the party is ending just as I got here, but I bought a 466 MHz Graphite iBook for my daughter to use as a first computer. I've been trying to get it as close to functioning as a usable computer as I can. I have located the correct LG cable and compatible XGA screen so now I am at the stage of wondering what to type in to allow the iBook to use 1024 x 768 res.
I see that in a more recent post this appears to be possible without going into open firmware to do it.
As my daughter is only 7, it seems a pity that she wouldn't be able to watch DVDs on the iBook after making the modification as I'm sure she would want to. Has any progress been made to make this possible using boot-command?
Re. "I'm sure there's a way to turn this into a clickable apple script so you can just double-click on an icon to change what's entered into the boot-command variable, including automatic rebooting."
Has anyone found "the way"?
I'm not particularly tech. savvy, so if one of you more gifted people out there could post the latest step-by-step instructions for me to follow, I would be very grateful.
Long live the clamshell and the Apple ethos of old, when there was more to it than just being expensive and pretty!



I haven't done the non-OF route myself; I only have used the mod that involves booting directly into Open Firmware.

As far as the DVD thing goes, unfortunately no progress has been made on that. If DVD watching is more important to your daughter than the higher resolution display, I'd leave the stock 800x600 LCD in there for now.

Re. XGA mod.

Thanks for your reply. I was uncertain what the poster who wrote about the non-OF hack, when he wrote:

"*edit: I just realized that I'm using 2 and have 1024x768, not 1152x768. See my longer code post below in case the extra variables are why." (see below.)

Isn't the objective to get 1024x768?

Regarding your comment about just leaving the existing SVGA LCD in, can I not put in the XGA LCD and use it in SVGA mode to continue to watch DVDs? Then if I decide to mod. it, do so later?

Also, is either the OF hack or the boot command hack readily reversible?
If so, can you please let me know what to do if things go wrong.

Boot-command hack

1) reboot your clamshell holding down opt+cmd+p+r to reset open firmware and erase the nvramrc method.
2) boot into osx (I have osx on an external fw drive. Since we just reset OF, the boot-device is reset as well. So you may have to hold down the opt key during boot to allow the selection of the proper drive/partition to load osx.)
3) open up teminal and type the following (hitting enter at the end of each line):
sudo nvram boot-command='dev /
2 encode-int " display-family" property

*edit: I just realized that I'm using 2 and have 1024x768, not 1152x768. See my longer code post below in case the extra variables are why.

4) type in your password and then 'sudo reboot' (without quotes) to reboot
*if you forgot to add mac-boot to the end of it, then when rebooting, open firmware will open up and leave you at the blinking cursor. If that happens, simply type mac-boot and hit return in open firmware to continue on to booting osx. Once in osx, rerun the above command carefully to set it properly.

You should now have the same 1024x768 resolution enjoyed by the whole OF dance of the past. Anytime you want to change things, like for watching a dvd etc., simply keep the above in a text file where you can easily get to it. Open the text file, change the 3 to 2 or vice-versa, then copy/paste it into terminal and reboot. MUCH simpler than playing around with open firmware.


Re: Re. XGA mod.

The OF hack can be reversed simply by resetting OpenFirmware - either boot into OF and type "reset-nvram" and hit enter, or just hold down Cmd+Opt+P+R and press the power button, wait for the chime, wait for a second chime, and let go. That resets OF.

As far as playing DVDs, I forgot about being able to change the display-family to 1152x768 and achieve DVD playback properly. That should work fine.

Edited at 2010-11-16 08:31 am (UTC)

Re: Re. XGA mod.

Thanks, just to say used the OF hack and everything seems fine. The boot-command method, short and long either didn't work or left me with a back screen. I will have to scrutinse what I typed to see if I mistyped something. Delighted and thanks once again.


clamshell upgrade

need help in taking the clamshell screen apart, i"ve got the lg cord in fact two and two wga screens, but ican"t figure out the screen anyone help, i just ready to sell the cords...

Re: clamshell upgrade

Look at ifixit.com for how to take it apart.

Best advice I have is to get a plastic putty knife/spreader to help you pry the screen apart.

Re: clamshell upgrade


gee, looks like the clamshell is finally fading into the sunset:-(
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