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rickame in ibookmod

first post...looking to share info. re: clamshell, ipod moms

Hi, First post here...Wow!! I just discovered this discussion, from a link from a friend who has a clamshell i modded a few years ago...I got interested in clamshells about 3 years ago when my then 10yo daughter fell in love with an indigo one...I couldn't find a good 'one' on ebay, but i found a 'lot' of 16...I got lots of info and from folks around the world (really should document) from those with serious electronic knowledge to just good hackers...learned how to upgrade h.d. without taking out a hundred screws, how to install various combo or dvd burning drives, with original bezel, some working, and also figured out how to make a nice slot clamshell...have also played with colors and more...My buddy in Canada discovered the http://www.ibook-clamshell.de site and wanted to know if he could get his apple to glow..very easy!... But then I saw some links to the new discovery that I know folks had been working on, to get a higher screen resolution out of the ibook...Sounds like its been done...I haven't continued to keep up as I wish I had (been way to busy with kids and paying bills etc in recent times)...but glad i stumbled on this...I need to go read more, I'm very curious if these modded ibooks maybe overclocked ones can play streaming video, the only other (than screen res) limitation i've found in these best of laptops ever:)...So this is just a long hello and if anyone wants to tell me the best way and/or where to learn whats going on with ibook mods today, please send me advise, links etc...Also, I have at least 10 clamshells of all colors and many more parts incl. drives, including a few other ibooks (aluminum and g3, g4s), that I'd be glad to share and experiment with folks who have ideas and can teach me too....I used to sell some (maybe about 25 or so) all around the world...My ebay name is/was rickame...but haven't done in over a year as the the prices have really dropped and i've been too busy and it wasn't a real biz thing but a fun thing that I think i made many folks happy turning them on to nicely modded ibooks...Well that's all for now...Please send hellos and any advice or desire to work on some stuff together...Rick


ipod moms?

errr, mods? ok, then, i've done the 1024x768 mod, works great on both 466 & 366 firewire clamshells (same gpu, but the 366 is a little lacking for dvd playback;-) only problemn is finding the cable...go 4 it;-)

i've also given clamshells to nieces & nephews to prevent micro$erfdum...the ipod/itunes integration grabs the kids:-)

good luck!-)

Re: ipod moms?

Hi...Thanks for your note...Can you direct me to any place to that may give a step by step how to do this 1024x768 mod...What in addition to the cable is needed....Showing my ignorance, does the existing screen support 1024x768 with the cable...clearly don't know much about this but want to learn as I have many clamshells and parts to play with:)
Thanks, Rick

Re: ipod moms?

Hi Rick,

You can find the details of the mod here.

The stock screen maxes out at 800x600. LCDs have a single "optimal" resolution; they can't go above that resolution.

If you don't know how to dismantle your iBook to get to the LCD, try the guides at iFixIt.

The mod isn't particularly difficult - finding the cable is the hard part, now that Apple's quit supplying them to certified resellers. You can look on eBay, or you can try soldering the wires from the original cable to the connector on the LCD.

Re: ipod moms?

understand...have taken many apart...just didn't see clear directions...will have to find that hard to find cable and hope someone solves or knows how to settings for DVD to playback at higher resolution....well see..thanks for your note and help

Oh...if I want to try the self-solder way, do you know if there is a diagram or clear instructions somewhere....thanks agai:)

Re: ipod moms?

I haven't done it, but you can look at owossoborn's Flickr photoset here:


I know that someone else just chopped off the black connector on the original cable and soldered the wires directly to the LCD's data connection, but I'd caution against this, only because you might need the original cable later down the line.

Edited at 2009-08-26 03:03 am (UTC)

step-by-step instructions...

are right here: http://community.livejournal.com/ibookmod/559.html

the existing screen is 800x600; the 8mB video card can support 1024x768, so all you need is the right screen & cable...

btw, both the 366 & 466 f/w clamshells have the same vid.card, so both can drive 1024x768.



Re: step-by-step instructions...

Thanks much....now to find a cable and to attempt on one of my 466ers:)...but in the end is there still a dvd problem, and is it only in 1024 mode, but not in 800 mode...wouldn't seem worth doing if you can't watch dvds..or am i missing something:)

dvd problem

right: the playback is black in 1024, but not 800, although i understand the external video is ok (it's ntsc, not rgb). i haven't seen a resolution for this; the nvram dispaly mode still has to be set to 2 (or 3, i forget;-) then rebooted...

Re: dvd problem

Yeah, this is still where we're at. Someone from the original MacNN thread accidentally got it all working, but can't figure out what those settings were to make DVD work along with XGA. If you need DVD playback, you're just going to have to go back and forth on the NVRAM settings for XGA and some other resolution.

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Re: dvd problem

Did you see this guy selling modded iBooks Clamshel with NO Firmware Hack, which are able to play DVDs? The only cost to pay for the Mod is that the external Video output doesnt work but that would be the lesser evil because I think DVD Playback is much more important than that!
Hes still offering the iBooks at Ebay dot com. Two of them right now. And he is promoting them with the fact that he does not use a firmware hack! Damn, how could we make work it that way?
It is really annoying and disappointing, after all upgrades I have done to realize that now DVD Playback does not work. I really often used to use this option on my great Lime iBook. It has even a SSD Harddrive and a Lightscribe DVD Burner, but no DVD Playback... what a shame! This problem has to be solved very soon, i guess.
By the way, shifuimam, this guy is also mentioning a PRAM CAPACITOR, that he replaced on his offers by new ones. He says, this part is very imported to refresh, especially when a ibook is about 10 years (young!) old. What do you think about that issue? Could a bad PRAM CAP damage even the logic board?

Re: dvd problem

I wouldn't waste your money on that guy. He's unwilling to help the mod community by giving information on how he did his mod, and his iBooks are incredibly overpriced for what they are, which is a ten year old laptop that can barely run last generation's operating system.

Judging from the pictures and videos I've seen online, he's wired up some way of hijacking the video signal from the 3.5mm jack and is running it to the display. I don't know how he did it, but that's just what I'm guessing.

Don't be too bummed at the lack of DVD playback. These machines are too old to handle multitasking while a DVD is playing. You'd be better off spending $75 on a cheap portable DVD player with a built in display.

WRT the PRAM capacitor - it's a capacitor on the motherboard that holds a small charge so that the battery can be changed without resetting the system clock. This was used in lieu of the typical small flat button-cell BIOS/PRAM battery found in most computers. A bad one isn't going to fry your computer; it's just going to make the system clock reset whenever you change the battery. Capacitors are relatively easy to replace (if you've ever used a soldering iron before), so that "feature" doesn't really make the thing worth nearly $400.

Also, for anyone else interested, the seller's eBay page is here.

Please don't double comment in the future.

Edited at 2010-01-13 12:27 am (UTC)

Re: DVD Playback

what is his address...not that i want to buy, just like to better understand what he did...i have a number of clamshells still ready for mods, just haven't got to them in over a year....used to mod a lot, mostly upgrade to combo drives, slot or tray, increase hd, etc...but this is cool...do you have the ebay link?
hello all. I am new to this sight, and own no ibooks, though i have a gang of various g3 iMacs. I have a question for yall with lots parts. I am looking for a black ibook/powerbook keyboard, so i can swap the keys from it to my 2007 macbook pro (ive already added a multitouch trackpad, so id like to do something for the keyboard. the silver is so boring! i want it to kinda resemble a newer macbook pro). By the looks of it, ibooks and power books are the only viable option do to the type of scissor hinge used on the keys. I think the keyboard I would need is from a wall street powerbook, though the clearish/whiteish keys from the ibook would look just as cool. if any one has an extra keyboard or 2 they are willing to sell, either black, that clearish black, or the clearish whit would be fine. or if nobody has one, where i could find one or 2. I would pay of course. my email is ctrainorwkf@gmail.com. any information or help with parts i would be beyond thankful for! thanks in advanced y'all. chaz
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