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shifuimam in ibookmod

12" G3 iBook LCD for sale

I have a 12" XGA LCD from a 500MHz iBook G3 for sale. It's in pristine condition. I'd like to get $60 shipped for it, but I'll entertain offers.




I'm interested. I just bought a clamshell and I can't get the airport software to update! How so I contact you? My e-mail is stephen.ott@gmail.com. Thanks.

Re: Laptop

How much are you wanting to pay?

If you're running OS 9, I can't help you. OS X should automatically provide any necessary updates to the Airport software, but the default 10.3 installation should have your Airport card working right away.


problem w/ xga in clamshell

hi, i'd log in, but there's a problem w/ my uid:-( anyway, i just tore down my clamshell to install the xga screen i got (lg lp121x04(c2)(k2) hope that's close enough to the LP121X04 you noted, along w/ the LG display data cable)

but i've run into a snag that isn't mentioned on macnn: the screen's backlight connection's on the left, but the clamshell's is on the right.

is it ok just to extend the b/l powerline across to the other side?


Re: problem w/ xga in clamshell

I don't think that should be a problem.

The backlight cable is nothing but a regular power cable, with positive and negative terminals. Just use some similar-gauge wire and splice it together to extend the length of the cable.

Make sure you test the display before reassembling your iBook. I tried using a similar Samsung 12" LCD from an HP laptop, and it didn't work properly.

Re: recent listing on ebay...

Stupid economy. Prices for everything have plummeted...I should have sold this shit months ago when it still had some decent value.


Is this still for sale?

I would gladly pay the $60 for one of these, especially with the XGA mod!
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