Clamshell iBook still going strong(ish)

Hello all and Shifuimam in particular,
Just to say that the modded clamshell is doing okay. The playback of DVDs is no longer an issue thanks to those wonderful folks at VLC, whose older generation player plays DVDs just fine. I've also discovered how to fool those naughty people at Adobe into thinking that I have flashplayer 10.2 installed, which as a PPC maccer of course I can't. My only defeat, is at the hands of those impish Swedes at Spotify, who keep shifting the goalposts as soon as any kind person works out a hack to keep PPCers at the party. Hah! Well done guys, you just lost yourself some Kroner, or whatever currency Swedes use nowadays. One thing that does however concern me is that every so often my screen flickers freakily in a psychedelic way without any chemical stimulation on my part. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the mod? Is the problem with the LCD or the cable or anything else? Any pertinent answers welcome...
The clamshell project cost me a lot more than I'd bargained for but both my children and myself have the use of a working laptop, which is a legacy of Apple's good old days before iPhones and iPads got updated every six months and when Apple was about "thinking different" not taking over the world.
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new to community.... looking for black or white ibook or powerbook keyboard to mod 07 mbp with keys

hello all. I am new to this sight, and own no ibooks, though i have a gang of various g3 iMacs. I have a question for yall with lots parts. I am looking for a black ibook/powerbook keyboard, so i can swap the keys from it to my 2007 macbook pro (ive already added a multitouch trackpad, so id like to do something for the keyboard. the silver is so boring! i want it to kinda resemble a newer macbook pro). By the looks of it, ibooks and power books are the only viable option do to the type of scissor hinge used on the keys. I think the keyboard I would need is from a wall street powerbook, though the clearish/whiteish keys from the ibook would look just as cool. if any one has an extra keyboard or 2 they are willing to sell, either black, that clearish black, or the clearish whit would be fine. or if nobody has one, where i could find one or 2. I would pay of course. my email is any information or help with parts i would be beyond thankful for! thanks in advanced y'all. chaz

Latest on upgrading clamshell LCD to XGA

Hello all,
Maybe the party is ending just as I got here, but I bought a 466 MHz Graphite iBook for my daughter to use as a first computer. I've been trying to get it as close to functioning as a usable computer as I can. I have located the correct LG cable and compatible XGA screen so now I am at the stage of wondering what to type in to allow the iBook to use 1024 x 768 res.
I see that in a more recent post this appears to be possible without going into open firmware to do it.
As my daughter is only 7, it seems a pity that she wouldn't be able to watch DVDs on the iBook after making the modification as I'm sure she would want to. Has any progress been made to make this possible using boot-command?
Re. "I'm sure there's a way to turn this into a clickable apple script so you can just double-click on an icon to change what's entered into the boot-command variable, including automatic rebooting."
Has anyone found "the way"?
I'm not particularly tech. savvy, so if one of you more gifted people out there could post the latest step-by-step instructions for me to follow, I would be very grateful.
Long live the clamshell and the Apple ethos of old, when there was more to it than just being expensive and pretty!
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I'm new here

Hey guys, I came across this site whilst searching the web for modding iBook Clamshells. I collect old Macs (PPC G4 or older) and I think personally that the clamshell is the best looking Apple Laptop ever! Anyways, I am getting 2 in the mail next week, and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to mod them to make them light up/glow. That would be a sweet starter mod. anyways, Thanks!
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first post...looking to share info. re: clamshell, ipod moms

Hi, First post here...Wow!! I just discovered this discussion, from a link from a friend who has a clamshell i modded a few years ago...I got interested in clamshells about 3 years ago when my then 10yo daughter fell in love with an indigo one...I couldn't find a good 'one' on ebay, but i found a 'lot' of 16...I got lots of info and from folks around the world (really should document) from those with serious electronic knowledge to just good hackers...learned how to upgrade h.d. without taking out a hundred screws, how to install various combo or dvd burning drives, with original bezel, some working, and also figured out how to make a nice slot clamshell...have also played with colors and more...My buddy in Canada discovered the site and wanted to know if he could get his apple to glow..very easy!... But then I saw some links to the new discovery that I know folks had been working on, to get a higher screen resolution out of the ibook...Sounds like its been done...I haven't continued to keep up as I wish I had (been way to busy with kids and paying bills etc in recent times)...but glad i stumbled on this...I need to go read more, I'm very curious if these modded ibooks maybe overclocked ones can play streaming video, the only other (than screen res) limitation i've found in these best of laptops ever:)...So this is just a long hello and if anyone wants to tell me the best way and/or where to learn whats going on with ibook mods today, please send me advise, links etc...Also, I have at least 10 clamshells of all colors and many more parts incl. drives, including a few other ibooks (aluminum and g3, g4s), that I'd be glad to share and experiment with folks who have ideas and can teach me too....I used to sell some (maybe about 25 or so) all around the world...My ebay name is/was rickame...but haven't done in over a year as the the prices have really dropped and i've been too busy and it wasn't a real biz thing but a fun thing that I think i made many folks happy turning them on to nicely modded ibooks...Well that's all for now...Please send hellos and any advice or desire to work on some stuff together...Rick
ibookmod post

Hey everyone!

As you may remember, Apple officially discontinued the LCD cable needed for this upgrade, so you can't find it through certified reseller or repair channels any longer. You may be able to find the cable on eBay, or you can solder the wires from the original cable directly to the pins on the LCD connection of the XGA Samsung LCD.

I remember that someone did this when the project originally got underway, but I can't remember who it is - if that person still reads this community, please feel free to post some photos of the work you did, so that others can use it for the project. I can host photos if necessary.


1024x768 without going into open firmware

Hey! I see you had the forum posting for the 1024x768 clamshell hack closed at Glad to see you've persisted the info here.

I was researching something unrelated and saw that the method used to trick OSX with that process reminded me of this project. This new process doesn't give us any more features than we've already uncovered, but it does make implementing the old process MUCH easier. In fact, you don't even have to go into open firmware to do it.

As you recall, we were programming the nvramrc area with commands to trick OSX into thinking we had a different card/display installed, thus allowing 1024x768 resolution. I found that typing those nvramrc commands into the boot-command variable achieved the same result. There are only a few open firmware variables available to change from within OSX, luckily, boot-command is one of them.

1) reboot your clamshell holding down opt+cmd+p+r to reset open firmware and erase the nvramrc method.
2) boot into osx (I have osx on an external fw drive. Since we just reset OF, the boot-device is reset as well. So you may have to hold down the opt key during boot to allow the selection of the proper drive/partition to load osx.)
3) open up teminal and type the following (hitting enter at the end of each line):
sudo nvram boot-command='dev /
2 encode-int " display-family" property

*edit: I just realized that I'm using 2 and have 1024x768, not 1152x768. See my longer code post below in case the extra variables are why.

4) type in your password and then 'sudo reboot' (without quotes) to reboot
*if you forgot to add mac-boot to the end of it, then when rebooting, open firmware will open up and leave you at the blinking cursor. If that happens, simply type mac-boot and hit return in open firmware to continue on to booting osx. Once in osx, rerun the above command carefully to set it properly.

You should now have the same 1024x768 resolution enjoyed by the whole OF dance of the past. Anytime you want to change things, like for watching a dvd etc., simply keep the above in a text file where you can easily get to it. Open the text file, change the 3 to 2 or vice-versa, then copy/paste it into terminal and reboot. MUCH simpler than playing around with open firmware. I'm sure there's a way to turn this into a clickable apple script so you can just double-click on an icon to change what's entered into the boot-command variable, including automatic rebooting.

I've gone further and played around with changing the card vendorID/deviceID with success and intend on someday finding the elusive holy grail settings. :) I'm sure I can even change the machine model OSX sees from PowerBook2,2 to PowerBook 4,1. If anyone is interested in any of those other paths of, I mean fun; if the subsystem-vendor-id and subsystem-id are 0 and the name variable is missing, OSX will go off the vendor-id and device-id only to figure out what the video card is. However, if I omit the name variable, OSX won't boot, so I changed it to what my machine 'thought' the card was whenever I was in holy-grail mode, ATY,RageM3p29s. I haven't touched this machine for a long time, and I'm sure I had changed/removed/bastardized some of the original video kext files. So even though I may successfully change vendor/device IDs, the kext that gets loaded to match has probably been changed by me and isn't working as it should. Your mileage may vary, hopefully for the better. I also don't have any DVD's handily around to check if DVD player works. Core Image and Quartz Extreme are not available with my current settings, so I'm guessing no.

Playing around with video card vendorID, deviceID and name as well as display-family, display-config-info and graphic-options:
sudo nvram boot-command='dev screen
" vendor-id" delete-property
" device-id" delete-property
" subsystem-vendor-id" delete-property
" subsystem-id" delete-property
" name" delete-property
" width" delete-property
" height" delete-property
h# 610 encode-int " vendor-id" property
h# 9c0a encode-int " device-id" property
h# 0 encode-int " subsystem-vendor-id" property
h# 0 encode-int " subsystem-id" property
" ATY,RageM3p29s" encode-string " name" property
h# 400 encode-int " width" property
h# 300 encode-int " height" property
dev /
" display-family" delete-property
h# 2 encode-int " display-family" property
0 encode-int 2 encode-int encode+ " display-config-info" property
0 encode-int " graphic-options" property

Have fun.
ibookmod post

Sad day.

It sounds like the LCD cable needed to make this project easy is no longer readily available. Apparently Apple Certified Resellers aren't allowed to keep Mac parts that are more than seven years old - and that cable is apparently past that deadline.

The one store that might have had some,, is out of stock and will be for a long time (I contacted them and checked).

I wish I'd known - I would have bought up as many as I could back when they were still available.

In the meantime, you have one of two options - you can either wait and pay a lot on eBay for one (if you're lucky enough to find one for sale), or you can solder the wires directly to the pins on the LCD's connector. This isn't terribly difficult if you're patient and have a steady hand (the wires are a fairly fine gauge, but it's not unmanageable IMO).

You could also pick up an LCD cable for a different laptop and splice together the wiring from the old clamshell cable.

There are ways around it - none of them are as elegant as using an original cable, of course.