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Sad day.

It sounds like the LCD cable needed to make this project easy is no longer readily available. Apparently Apple Certified Resellers aren't allowed to keep Mac parts that are more than seven years old - and that cable is apparently past that deadline.

The one store that might have had some, AllMac.com, is out of stock and will be for a long time (I contacted them and checked).

I wish I'd known - I would have bought up as many as I could back when they were still available.

In the meantime, you have one of two options - you can either wait and pay a lot on eBay for one (if you're lucky enough to find one for sale), or you can solder the wires directly to the pins on the LCD's connector. This isn't terribly difficult if you're patient and have a steady hand (the wires are a fairly fine gauge, but it's not unmanageable IMO).

You could also pick up an LCD cable for a different laptop and splice together the wiring from the old clamshell cable.

There are ways around it - none of them are as elegant as using an original cable, of course.


I have a bit of a wild idea for you.

The MacBook screen is a 13.3 widescreen panel with a resolution of 1280x800. If you can get it to interface, and you set O.F. to 1152x768, could you just hide the "dead space" on the panel behind the iBook's bezel?

Re: I have a bit of a wild idea for you.

I'm not sure. The curvature of the plastics may not accommodate a wider display.

Not only that, but it *may* try to stretch 1152x768 to 1280x800.

The real question is why DVD works at 1152x768 but not 1024x768...

LG cable still available

I can't find it!!!

hi everybody!!!!

I have been writing to some diferent shops during two months across the world and they don't have it on stock. I didn't find it.

One important online shop from USA and another from UK sold it to me but they didn't have it!!! :-( They refund me my money and I lost a lot of time.

Please shifuimam, or anybody, could you tell me how can I solder the wires directly? Onother idea about how to buy the LG 922-5368 cable?

Regards: Palosanto - Oscar :-)
I think you're going to have a much harder time finding it from here on out, since the part has officially been discontinued.

I found one on eBay for like $20 shipped - I can't remember who the seller is, but I think that eBay is probably your best bet for finding these cables.

Good luck!!


Thanks for your answer. I have found a ebay seller with clamshell cables but there isn't the apple part number. I have never seen the cable. Could you tell me if the cable is one of these:






Or, could you tell me where in ebay? The seller you told me in your message.

Regards: Óscar - Palosanto


I have bought another chamshell cable (the back up) and the ibook 12" one.

Any idea about how to solder these tho cable wires directly?

Regards: Palosanto - Oscar :-)

Re: cable

Re: cable

Yes - that's from one of the people who originally started on this project. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can solder wires directly between the original LCD cable and the pins on the LCD controller board.

Re: cable

thanks. I am going to try it and I will write here about it.

Regards: Palosanto :-)
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